Clinical Authority of Dermatologist

A dermatologist and a genital doctor is a specialist who handles various complaints and health problems related to skin and genitals. His educational background is a general practitioner who has completed specialist education in the field of skin and genital health. To obtain the title of a specialist in skin and genitalia (SpKK), a doctor must take an education program in dermatology and genital health for 7 semesters, and a maximum of 11 semesters. The science of skin and genital health or also called the field of dermatology and venereology is the study of clinical knowledge and diagnostic and treatment skills (medical and skin surgery). Skin and genital specialists treat skin diseases (including hair and nails) and genitals, both in adults, children and the elderly. Field of Dermatologist and Gender Clinically, the fields of dermatology and venereology are divided into several divisions, including: Dermatology of tropical infection This field focuses on tackling skin in
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